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 Application for the Residency for ToxicAxe

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Application for the Residency for ToxicAxe Empty
PostSubject: Application for the Residency for ToxicAxe   Application for the Residency for ToxicAxe Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 7:53 pm

Hello guys I am ToxicAxe and I've been looking for a town that seems like a tight knit group of friends and just enjoy playing the game. You guys seemed like a perfect fit. Very Happy. My current lvl right now is 43 but will be raising rapidly. Some of the things i enjoy is a good book, playing cards, and some sports on occasion. I am 18 and having the time of my life lol. I would appreciate being accepted for residency and look forward to meeting you guys in game. By the way I am an axe user lol.

I had to use a different username because i accidently registered before i read the application thing sorry Smile
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Application for the Residency for ToxicAxe
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