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 Letter to the townies (end of first term)

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Letter to the townies (end of first term) Empty
PostSubject: Letter to the townies (end of first term)   Letter to the townies (end of first term) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 8:08 am

heya all.

First of all id like to say that if possible, town heads would be able to encourage others to read this particularly named post from here on because as a growing town.. One growing by the tens.. We should try and all stay on the same page.

Being the end of the first term.. I would like to thank all the current town heads for working together and giving the town a bit of life. While it can be seen that my appearance as tc has caused the growth, the real truth is that the townies as a whole have shown their trust and respect for the town.. And in turn have nearly doubled our once dormant dwelling. On this matter i say keep it up.. I will add to this later

numbers are in and, profit wise, we have done ok. Many aspects have caused a small lack in return in the second year.. Such as less donations (which is good.. We dont live on charity), a non goonzu day year.. And the general lack of activity in huntinggrounds and markets (such as stocks.. Horses etc). We will encourage all townies to, when possible, use our facilities for any of their simple needs (evo.ving their summons.. Using jack quests.. Moving up to demian quests) and try keep the cash close to us.. Adding to our earlier point.. The more people we have.. The more money we have for events and dividends, for those that applies to.

This year saw the introduction of the halloween event and slot machine. While the total of the tower cost has been donated to town.. Effectively not settting the town back.. We have seen that our town was able to complete it quite quickly.. Thiis proves something ill add to shortly.

We have seen some good growth in two years.. New people that have quickly become a force to be reckoned with.. Old townies returning.. Some townies reprosenting us on the stage (andy and his pvp work) and it doesnt stop there.. The other day i was able to come within 30 points of the top five in dark armywith relative ease and simply stopping because i ran out of tele tickets at the end.. This is another point worth proving.. We can grow and be in that top 5 whenever we like. Keep our eyes on the prize and we will be able to finally say we have rebuilt a town no one had the heart to let die.

something to appologies for is the lack of movement in head positions that i said would happen. While i will try do it this year.. Remember that there are more layers to the town then me simply dropping who i like.. All good things take time.

This year. Provided i win the vote, i want to make more steps forward.. I want to get more townies.. Want to hold more events.. Want to host a spam-a-thon if possible.. This will likely wait till we find out who the next goonzu is. Please.. To all that read this leave your say.. Have your opinion heard and id love to hear what u think about the town.. Its people.. The things u like and dislike.

Are the town heads attentive enough? Do you think we did a good job or bad job.. How can it be better.. Have your say. Thank you for your time.
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Letter to the townies (end of first term) Empty
PostSubject: about the post hadran.. put   Letter to the townies (end of first term) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 9:47 pm

i like the town.. everyone seems to be on enough, i really dont think anything needs to change, i think all the heads are doing a good job, but this is just from me so id like to see what everyone thinks about the town to.. and we do need to get more people to join are town..

XxAzraelxX aka leanna
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Letter to the townies (end of first term)
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