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 VaniLaTJ Here~!!

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Join date : 2009-10-24

PostSubject: VaniLaTJ Here~!!   Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:20 am


IRL: TJ a.k.a BoB

Current Level:70


Artisan Skills:Prescription lvl59, Sword lvl43

Any previous experiences: Ragnarok,Dota,Knight Online and Gunbound <---Fav Games if Boring

Why Bama?: Many Friends Here....

My Goal : Become friends with ppl outside my country as many as i can..^_^

Country: Malaysia

Status: Everyday online...but not too long..around 5 - 6 hours only ( holiday = 24 hours online XD )

Gender: Sometimes Gurl sometime Boyz... clown

For Bamabad: Hope can be flourish town in Goonzu soon...and more happening between each Townies..GOGO Bama!!!
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VaniLaTJ Here~!!
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