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 Letter to the townies (start of third term)

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Letter to the townies (start of third term) Empty
PostSubject: Letter to the townies (start of third term)   Letter to the townies (start of third term) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 10:51 pm

Heya all.

Just thought id say a few words to make sure we are all up to speed and together in the know.

So far im enjoying the posi.. And feel we are doiong quite well.. The last few years in goonzu time we have been making a rather nice profigt margin.. While there will be some expenses this year, we whould shape up for a great year again

people have noticed the change in hunting ground head over the last year. Dont fear for this is only temperary and will be returned to normal and around a week. The space has been rented for a short time

we have kicked off another event in the event section. Lets get out there and get some new townies.. Great prizes for the winners (conditons may change if i find loop holes or have difficulties organising it.. Stay tuned)

i think we are cruising quite well.. While we arnt exactly claimng fame.. I feel our activity has improved in bounds and that with more time we will have created a great base for a long term and strong bamabad. Just remember.. If u get stuck.. Ask a townie.. We will help.. If u thinkl u know it all.. Try ur hand at teaching others.. Become a mentor.. Or maybe even apply for guardian angle if u are a seasoned luminary teacher.. Not only is it good experience for you but enjoying such things will help build a bigger better town.

Have fun all
Bamabad, Together Forever!
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Letter to the townies (start of third term)
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